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Alice McLaughlin

Arte & Fortuna

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Alice McLaughlin was born into arts and culture. She grew up surrounded by artists, poets, musicians, actors and actresses. Deeply influenced by her maternal great-grandmother, a published poet who lived to age 99, Alice developed a love for the arts from an early age. Coupled with the influences of her paternal family, all of an entrepreneurial nature, Alice was predestined for a life in the business of Art.

Alice has garnered much success in her art endeavors and has represented close to 300 artists from over 30 countries, making her eventual transition into her current role seamless.

Alice McLaughlin is the hostess of the television program Frames and Fortune and its Spanish language version, Arte y Fortuna. Each episode follows Alice and Motica, her fluffy white Maltese dog (and co-host), as they travel the world in search of art masters and emerging stars in the art world to fill empty frames by exposing them to the world via the small screen. Alice combines her unique charisma and world experience into an amenable television segment focused on Art in all its facets, travel and tourism.

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