Let’s Travel to Puerto Rico with Alice McLaughlin

Alice McLaughlin, the hostess of Arte y Fortuna, the Television Show, as she travels to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Alice’s mission is always to meet Art Masters, and to discover new ones in the cities and countries that she travels to.  In this episode, Alice meets the famed artist Pedro Brull, who provides insight into his life’s passion and work, and award winning painter Mr. Antonio Martorell who invites Alice and Motica, her fluffy white Maltese costar into his studio in “La Isla del Encanto” (The Enchanting Island.)

Continuing their journey through La Isla del Encanto, Alice and Motica are received by International Golf Champion and philanthropist Don Chi Chi, who welcomes them into his hacienda and even shares a few rounds of golf with the pair to their absolute delight.

In this exciting tour of La Isla del Encanto, Alice and Motica discover unique artists, and destinations that give viewers of Frames and Fortune, the Television Show unprecedented access to installations, personalities, and works of art usually reserved for the rich and famous.

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