Mundo Fox Central Florida Announces

Mundo Fox Central Florida Announces Scheduling of Frames & Fortune

(October 9, 2014) – Mario Ragazzo, the president of Mundo Fox Central Florida has just confirmed that Alice McLaughlin with her co-host Motica and all the famous artists of Frames & Fortune will be appearing on the Mundo Fox schedule beginning in 2015.

Additional details will be coming soon from the station’s General Manager, Alex Mele, including information about new programs and personalities, along with opportunities to buy art products and life style merchandise from the Frames & Fortune website.

The premise of Frames and Fortune, the TV Show is to find existing Art Masters – to discover new ones – and to let the world know about them.

Charismatic Art connoisseur extraordinaire Alice McLaughlin, and her cohost Motica, her fluffy white Maltese dog, travel the world in search of artists in all mediums. Their travels take them to major metropolis’ and obscure alcoves in all parts of the world, always with their eye on the prize – finding the next Da Vinci, Picasso, Matisse, you name it.

Whether by private plane to Paris, yacht to Venice, or on a rickshaw in Shanghai, Alice’s art instincts lead her to exciting art destinations worldwide.

Join Alice on her next adventure to discover the next Master – together you can embark on an Art journey full of excitement, knowledge, and culture!

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